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Let's Give It a Chance

I am tempted to go back to writing after years of cold creativity. Part of the writing abandonment falls on personal matters and other parts have to do with dealing with the loss of my father.

Grief , for me personally, is very private and personal. Consoling words never did the trick for me. I need time and space to put my shattered pieces back together. I did not appreciate any attempts to reach out from other people. I just wanted to deal with the loss by myself and on my own way. It's hard, but this is how I'm wired.

You only realize how strong you are when you most need to rely on your strength. So here I am two years later. I think I am feeling better now. Still collecting my pieces together but definitely at a better place now.

I will try to create a new ritual and set up a new plan for this blog as a whole.. After all, I am at that age where you just go from "I should not probably do this" to "Why not". This should be fun.

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Just look at that beauty. The strength to live and extend to all directions.

When in Chicago - The Interview that never happened

I was about to write about an interview that never happened and the person who over prepared for it never went and never screw things up by showing they were more experienced than they actually were.

Let's all enjoy a walk in the clouds.

It's a New Life

May this be the start of a new chapter.

There is only one thought at the moment that keeps running back and forth in my mind. I'm trying to reason with it but it doesn't want to sit tight. So, instead of a lovely introduction here is the big thought:

Yes! I am currently unemployed! Having a job to complain about is an essential part of my character! I'm not myself anymore and I live in a very competitive work-driven city. 
But, with challenges come opportunities..

Anyway, I am hopeful that soon enough I will find my spot in this big city called Chicago and since I have lots of spare time, I have been making more experiments around the house and in the kitchen.  I'll share some of these experiments soon.

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A World Without Barriers

"Sometimes marketing gives us actual nice things and not just the illusion of them. To promote the launch of Samsung's new video call center for the hearing impaired, Samsung Türkiye and advertising agency Leo Burnett Istanbul spent a month preparing to surprise a young Istanbul resident named Muharrem with an extraordinary morning—and a heartwarming advertisement for the rest of us". Continue article here

Nature's Beauty